India has an unmet need for health financing options, especially for the lower- and middle-income populations. The out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure is high at 58.7% of the Total Health Expenditure. India is also the world’s second-largest fintech hub, with a national fintech adoption rate of 52% higher than the 33% global average. Fintechs have a promising role in supporting disadvantaged communities to access and afford quality assured healthcare options in India. Many of the startups targeting underserved markets face challenges in designing products suited to their target audience.

Fintech for Health, organized by ACCESS Health and supported by Metlife Foundation, is organizing a webinar on designing effective fintech solutions for the health needs of the Indian context. The experts will cover the critical steps in the fintech product lifecycle from the identification of the right target segment, to assessing demand, and designing effective products to reach the unbanked population of the country.

Jaideep Pawar, Founder, and CEO – GRAMePAY
Dr. Gaurav Tripathi, Vice President – Health Management and Provider Network, Aditya Birla Health Insurance
Sarathy Srinivas, SVP – Strategic Partnership and Innovations, Micro Insurance

Girish Bommakanti, Head – Technical and Advisory Services, ACCESS Health International India