In India, sixty-two percent of people spend out-of-pocket for their healthcare and forty-seven percent of rural households took loans and sale of assets to meet health needs. The fintech industry has demonstrated the power of digital transformation to reach underserved and remote communities and, through innovative financing mechanisms, has the ability to address the rising burden of healthcare expenditure. Through this discussion, panelists will define the populations most at risk, discuss the affordability challenges and lack of access to high-quality healthcare services experienced by these groups, and highlight the important role fintech can have in reaching those most burdened

Moderated by Girish Bommakanti, Director of Operations, ACCESS Health International India

Overview of Fintech for Health: Adrienne Mendenhall, Director of Business Development, ACCESS Health International Southeast Asia

Presentations by speakers:

Dr. Alka Parikh, Dean Research (Social Sciences) and Director of Amity Institute of Liberal Arts, Amity University, Mumbai

Shama Karkal, Chief Executive Officer, Swasti Health Catalyst

Shiva Prasad Palancha, Senior Strategy Advisor, Kratos Innovation Labs

Aparna Narayan Leon, Director of Revenue, Medlife

Kavita Sachwani, State Coordinator 2030 WRG, World Bank

Speaker presentations followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A around healthcare affordability challenges in India, how fintech solutions can address them, and the way forward for fintechs, government, private business, and healthcare organi