Fintech for Health is organized by ACCESS Health and supported by MetLife Foundation.

With rising costs and demand for healthcare, exacerbated by Covid19, the affordability for quality care continues to be a major challenge for governments, healthcare providers and individuals. Universal health coverage, social insurance provided by governments or even health care insurance is not enough to cover the growing costs of healthcare, resulting in higher out of pocket payments.

Digital savings as a way of everyday life could potentially help low to middle income population cover major healthcare costs. Digital lending could be powerful to meet emergency healthcare needs, whilst micro-insurance models help plan for specific health risks. Additionally, innovative digital savings/ lending models can help healthcare providers better manage their cash flows and provide quality care for their patients.

Learn how models of M-Tiba and Arogya Finance empower individuals to make informed decisions on how to access and finance healthcare and bring governments, insurance companies and donors together to distribute and manage healthcare benefits efficiently.


  • Monica Mittal, Innovation Lead at Access Health International Southeast Asia


  • Maarten Ras, Regional Commercial Director at CarePay (M-TIBA)
  • Dheeraj Batra, Co-founder and Director, Arogya Finance

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