On June 23, 2021, Dr. Monica Mittal, Innovation Lead, ACCESS Health International moderated a panel on the growing HealthTech market in Southeast Asia.

In Southeast Asia, healthcare expenditure is on the rise, with expectations that by 2025, total healthcare spending could increase to USD 740 billion from the current USD 425 billion. In addition, the growth of cost in healthcare per capita has outpaced the growth in GDP per capita in nearly all ASEAN countries, according to a report by corporate strategy consulting firm, Solidiance.

As a result, healthcare innovation in Southeast Asia is accelerating at a phenomenal pace, due to the necessity of reacting to market needs and the increased investment channelled into it, including to better manage the COVID-19 pandemic. In this conversation, we will discuss the rise of innovative health solutions in Southeast Asia, explore the potential for corporate-startup collaborations, and how we can build strong partnerships to maximise innovation and adoption of health technologies in the region.